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2020-10-26 00:00:00

The Southern Transitional Council condemns the new terrorist attack on the Airport of Abha in Saudi Arabia.

2019-06-25 08:06:55

The Southern Transitional Council issued on Sunday an important statement condemning the new terrorist attack that targeted the airport of Abha in Saudi Arabia, here it is:

The Southern Transitional Council has followed in great concern the new terrorist attack of the Houthi militias of Iran using drones that targeted for the second time and in less than a month the international airport of Abha, south of Saudi Arabia.

The Transitional Council condemns targeting this civilian institution by the Houthi militias, in which it's considered an additional clear evidence of the terrorist behavior of this group, that is fully supported and funded by Iran, to target civilians and not to respect the rules of combat engagement, that should put this group under accountability of law before the international court.

The Southern Transitional Council stresses that the previous terrorist attack that targeted the airport and caused 26 wounded, and the recent attack that led to 1 martyr and injured 8 others, are full war crimes, and its perpetrators should be submitted to justice as per international law.

The Southern Transitional Council expresses condolences to the families of the victims, and declares its full solidarity with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its support for all the procedures of Saudi Arabia to confront and deter the militias terrorist attacks and whoever behind them.

The Southern Transitional Council as well calls the international community to monitor and condemn the crimes of these militias and their supporters, and to submit its leaders to justice for their crimes.


Issued by the Southern Transitional Council  


23 June 2019
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