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Statement of condemnation for the terrorist attack of Houthi on Abha airport

2019-06-13 19:22:00

The South Transitional Council on Wednesday issued an important statement condemning the terrorist attack carried out by the Iranian Houthi group that targeted Abha International Airport in Saudi Arabia, which reads as follows:


Important Statement


The southern transitional council condemns in the strongest terms the terrorist attack carried out by the Iranian Houthi group that targeted Abha International Airport in southern Saudi Arabia, leaving 26 wounded, all civilians, including three women and two children.

The Southern Transitional Council considers this terrorist attack on a vital civilian facility as an affirmation of the terrorist tendency of this Iranian-backed group. It shows the real ugly face of this group, which is covering its defeats in the battlefields by targeting the sites of civilian rallies and interests that are used by civilians of different nationalities, to get media attraction and to claim false victories at the expense of innocent lives.

The wars have their rules and morals that include avoiding targeting civilian installations and interests in which the Houthi militias and those who follow them don't abide by because this militia group does not rise to the level of being called a party that can be addressed as a legitimate adversary, it has neglected all the rules, values, morals and lives of the innocent and their interests, they are keen to register their presence in this battle at the expense of the innocent, having failed to record any honorable victory in the arena of confrontation.

The Transitional Council, which today represents the wall of resistance against these militias in the south based on its adherence to and defense of the Arab project, the Transitional Council considers the terrorist attacks on civilians and civil institutes and interests in Saudi Arabia, an attack on every free and honorable person in the world and requires rejection and condemnation.

The Transitional Council therefore expresses its full solidarity with the people and the leadership of Saudi Arabia in the face of these terrorist attacks.

The Transitional Council also calls upon the world's free people and the United Nations Organization to condemn this terrorist act and to hold accountable those who have done it under international law as a full-fledged terrorist act.
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