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2020-10-22 00:00:00

To Workers of the South on their World Day

Official Spokesman
2019-05-01 20:30:00

On the occasion of the World Labor Day, which is on the first of May of each year, we are pleased to convey to our southern people the most beautiful congratulations on this occasion, especially our parents, and our brothers and sisters who work in all the facilities, institutions and factories, as well as members and leadership of the General Federation of South Trade Unions, present to you all the most sincere congratulations and best wishes.

As we celebrate this occasion, we recall with pride the value of work and sincerity in performance as the cornerstone of the nation towards development and progress, and we affirm our respect for the South workers who have put themselves for the glory and prosperity of the homeland.

We take the opportunity to call for all the southern cadres in the southern factories and facilities that the acceleration of production and the comprehensive development of the homeland in various fields is the only way to get the country in progress and to provide a decent life for its loyal citizens.

We also recall the importance of quickly addressing the situation of all staff and employees of the south who were exposed to exclusion, marginalization and early retirement systematically since the war of invasion and occupation of the South in July 1994.

Greetings to all the sincere hands in all working fields of construction and development, and wish you all every year all the good.

Eng/ Nizar Haitham

 Spokesman of the Southern Transitional Council
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