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The Official Spokesman calls on the government to pay attention to its services duties and stop provoking the people of the South

Official Spokesman
2019-01-27 20:00:00

The spokesman of the Southern Transitional Council, Salim Thabet Al-Awlaki, said that the Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council has followed the "provocative" practices of the Minister of State for the so-called outputs of the national dialogue to promote those outputs in a number of the districts in Aden the capital, and other steps in this context which are ill-advised and do not serve the calm that was sponsored by the Arab Coalition in the past period which is reflected positively on the city, with a remarkable security stability.

Al-Awlaki considered in his statement these acts as way to bypass the sacrifices of the people of the south and to provoke the relatives of the martyrs of the South and the southern wounded.Al-Awlaki added that when the government of this minister is able to return to Sana'a, Allah willing, then he can promote his project, pointing out that Aden was, and will remain, the capital of The South, and a distinguish sign of its struggle and liberation project.Al-Awlaki stressed that these practices at this time, and the use of powers as minister in this way, and his direct provocation, all of these are incorrect and unwise and seditious, in which his ministry that has no influence in Sana'a, should not go with the illusion of its virtual influence in Aden.The spokesman of the Transitional Council reiterated that the Southern Transitional Council is looking for a comprehensive political solution to avoid further tension and war, stressing that this will be achieved only by the will of the people of the South and their right to choose their future.Al-Awlaki mentioned that the promotion of this project is a promotion of the cause of all this destruction and devastation in the country. Stressing that the southerners have already rejected the national dialogue conference with its mechanism in Sana'a and they warned against the attempts to falsify the will of the people of the South, as they keep warning, as they will not allow any way for tampering and irresponsible practices.

The spokesman of the Transitional Council Salim Al-Awlaki called on the government to focus on the services and how to improve the situation of citizens and move away from the political delusions and should maintain calm as that is more useful rather than ignite side battles.
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