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Important statement

Official Spokesman
2018-12-18 05:00:00

Important statement In light of the campaigns targeting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, including the recent condemnation by the US Senate, which is an interference in the internal affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we deplore these attempts and express our rejection for trying to undermine the Kingdom's sovereignty and leadership, represented by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and His Crown Prince. The Southern Transitional Council, condemns any violation on the sovereignty of Saudi Arabia, and we consider any interference in Saudi Arabia's internal affairs as a blatant violation targeting the special and pioneer position of the Kingdom in the hearts of all Muslims, and its leading role of the Kingdom in the region and the world. We express our full solidarity with our brothers in the Kingdom, and we express our conviction that all attempts targeting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its position and role in confronting the plans of some forces aimed at harming Arab national security will fail. We reaffirm our support for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with its king, government and people. We praise its support to our people through its leadership of the Arab Coalition and its establishment of the Islamic Alliance for Combating Terrorism. For that, we express our stand with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia against anything that may harm its sovereignty, its leadership, and position in the leadership of the Arab and Islamic world 

Salem Thabet Al Awlaki 

Spokesman for the Southern Transitional Council 

Member of the Southern Transitional Council Presidency.
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