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2019-07-22 00:00:00

Al-Khobji and Al-Naqib meet with British Deputy Ambassador to Yemen

Council News
2019-01-10 22:21:40

Chairman of the Negotiation Committee of the Southern Transitional Council, member of the Presidency of the Transitional Council, Dr. Nasser Mohammed Al-Khobji, along with Dr. Aidaroos Nasr Al-Naqib; Head of the Foreign Affairs Department of the Transitional Council, met in the Saudi capital Riyadh,  on Thursday with the Deputy Ambassador of the United Kingdom in Yemen, Fiona Walker, and Ibrana Clarks, the political director of the Yemeni file in London.In the meeting, both sides discussed the issues related to the Yemeni crisis, the southern cause and the role of the Southern Transitional Council in the next phase.They also reviewed a number of subjects including the relationship with the United Kingdom, counter-terrorism efforts, and peace process in Yemen.The two sides stressed on the importance of the South participation in the consultations for a political solution in Yemen, and not to repeat the same previous mistakes.The Southern officials thanked the United Kingdom for their efforts in resolving the current crisis and to stop war in Yemen.
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