southern transitional council

2019-12-07 00:00:00

The Southern Transitional Council continues its consultative meetings with the leadership of the Supreme National Authority for Independence

Council News
2018-11-06 19:13:38

Under the chairmanship of Major General Ahmed Said Ben Brik, President of the National Assembly, a meeting was held today with the Supreme National Authority for Independence headed by Brigadier General Naji Al-Arabi. In the meeting, both sides discussed the situation in the south under the administration of the government of corruption. The discussion focused on the statement of 3 October by the Southern Transitional Council, which is considered as a road map to participate in the administration of the South with all the forces fighting for independence and for the restoration of the southern state. The meeting discussed the negotiation process, and agreed on the necessity of adopting the criteria of competence and specialization to form a negotiating team to raise the level of importance of the southern issue and engage in the negotiating process to extract the southern right of restoring the South independent state with full sovereignty on its land on the pre-22 May 1990 boarders.
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