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2020-01-22 00:00:00

President Al-Zubaidi congratulates the heroes of Giants forces in the West Coast and security belt forces in Morais for their great victories

Council News
2018-11-06 02:05:26

The forces of the Giants and the southern resistance forces continue to achieve successive victories in the West Coast in which they reached deep in the city of Hodeidah. The resistance forces and the security belt forces also continue their advance and victories in Morais, Demt and defeated the Iranian-supported Houthi militias there. The President of the Southern Transitional Council, the commander of the southern resistance forces, President Maj. Gen. Aidaroos Qasim Abdul Aziz Al-Zubaidi, sent a cable of congratulations to the leaders of the Giants brigades and the southern resistance forces, for these victories. President Al-Zubaidi expressed congratulations of the Southern Transitional Council on the victories, which come with the support of the Arab coalition forces to eliminate the Houthi-Iranian plan of expansion in the region, describing these victories as a revival of the glorious southern history. President Al-Zubaidi also congratulated the northern resistance and the resistance of Tehama, and the guards of the republic forces, and the Arab coalition forces led by Saudi Arabia, for these victories that aim to defend the Arab region and its national security.
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