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2019-12-10 00:00:00

The citizens of Socotra in massive march reject the government of corruption and support the statement of the Southern Transitional Council

Council News
2018-09-06 21:20:00

Socotra island witnessed a major mass rally of the citizens of the archipelago. The protesting people chanted slogans against the government of corruption and raised flags of the south state and the Arab coalition countries,

In the march, the masses of Socotra chanted slogans against the legitimacy that brought obstruction for development and caused the deteriorating conditions of services experienced by the southern provinces, which affected especially on Socotra politically, socially , security , economically.

The march also condemned the legitimacy and demanded its departure as a result of the sudden deterioration of the local currency and its collapse in front of foreign currencies, and the resulting rise in many consumer goods in a mad way.


The demonstrators stressed on the relationship with the Arab coalition countries as it's strong within the relations of the southern people in the alliance, pointing out that the UAE has a developmental role in Socotra, and they showed appreciation for all efforts exerted by the UAE government and its people.

The march confirmed that Socotra's people stand united with the southern people behind the leadership of the Southern Transitional Council, which represents the issue of the southern people and their aspirations for the independence of its full sovereignty over the borders of 1990, rejecting any outputs that do not include the transitional council.
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