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Justice Human Rights Organization Documents 8 Sniper Attacks Against Southern Civilians Including Women In 2012

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2017-10-06 19:41:45
Women walk past flags of former South Yemen painted on walls in Aden 2012. (Reuters - Khaled Abdul

Justice Human Rights Organization documented eight sniper attacks on southerners by the Yemeni army and security forces only in Aden in 2012. There were women and children among the martyrs  . The organization also monitored two murders  of young people ( Adel Haitham Jaber and Farouk Abdo Ali ) during a celebration to mark the Land Day on July 7, 2012. In addition to a suicide bombing by the terrorist group of Al Qaeda in a busy neighborhood targeting Major General Salem Qattan, Commander of the Southern Military Region, the incident claimed the life of three innocent passers-by.
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