southern transitional council

2021-01-28 00:00:00

The people of the South struggles to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Official Spokesman
2017-08-18 15:13:15

What's the point for the the prime minister to create a crisis with the southerners and from their capital that had been liberated by their martyrs?.
The crisis was triggered by muscular speeches that are not compatible with the situation of the government that actually has no control over the land of the South.

How the world would read those provocative statements that break legitimate partnerships with those who made the victory over the coupists right before the begining of the negotiations round .

At the time when legitimacy has no solid ground with its partners in the war , for the benefit of who those acrobatic) moves made by the prime minister)?

As for impmosing disappointing solutions on the people of the South , it's impossible, the people struggled just for achieving their goals and aspirations. Their leadership was delegated only to preserve their project. So whoever wants to impose something he'd rather go north where the coup is and not on the South where the whole world has became aware of the justice of its cause .
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