President Al-Zubaidi delivers important speech to our southern people at home and abroad on occasion of 58th anniversary of Glorious 14th October Revolution

2021-10-23 12:17:22

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President Al-Zubaidi delivers important speech to our southern people at home and abroad on occasion of 58th anniversary of Glorious 14th October Revolution

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President Al-Zubaidi delivers important speech to our southern people at home and abroad on occasion of 58th anniversary of Glorious 14th October Revolution

The President of the Southern Transitional Council, Supreme Commander of the Southern Armed Forces, President Aidarous Qassem Al-Zubaidi, addressed an important speech to our southern people at home and abroad on the occasion of the 58th anniversary of the glorious October 14th Revolution.

 Hereunder it is:

 In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful

Praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be upon the prophet who there is no prophet after, and upon all his family and companions.

 O' Sons of our great southern people

O' Free men across the beloved land of the South,

Fighters of the Southern Armed Forces

The 58th anniversary of the revolution of the 14th of October 1963 comes to our southern people, the anniversary that embodied a legendary epic in which our people performed heroic exploits, and all the forces of the heroic people of the south participated at, starting from the mountains of Radfan, and extended to include all the lands of the South in the cities and countryside, and concluded with the declaration of independence on the thirtieth of November 1967, and the extension of national sovereignty over the entire lands of the South with its recognized borders, as a state that enjoys full membership in various regional and international legitimacy institutions, with its sovereignty and independent national identity.


 O' Sons of our great southern people..

All international laws and conventions have recognized that peoples are the holders of sovereignty and decision, and the owner of power and wealth, and you are an independent people by its decision, recognized among the peoples of the world and the structure of the international system, you have the right to sovereignty, power and wealth; a right that no one has the right to abolish or to dispose of, no party decides your fate or imposes on you a political future that contradicts your legitimate will and aspirations, which you expressed and are still expressing in an ongoing struggle since the occupation against the South on the 7th of July 1994 by force of arms and placing it under a destructive military rule on the South, its land and people, and usurped sovereignty, looted wealth, and an identity aimed to be obliterated.

Today we are living in the throes of a liberating revolution to restore and build the independent state of the South, which derives from the spirit of struggle and resistance of the determination of the October 14 revolutionaries, and the sacrifices of our southern people throughout its first and second revolutions, in which our great people made huge sacrifices, after which the blood of tens of thousands of righteous martyrs and wounded heroes were shed, and they drew, with their pure blood, the map of the borders of the South and its political future of an independent federal southern state.

In implementation of that goal, the Southern Transitional Council adopted the dialogue as an ideal way to unite the ranks, extending its hands to all the people of the South in order to gather and organize all national efforts and capabilities in one crucible that put the national interest of the people of the South and their cause above every interest and consideration, to reach the supreme goal of restoring and building the independent state of the South; a state for each and with all the people of the South, to be partners in sharing responsibilities, power and wealth, and liberating, protecting, managing and building the land, on the basis of justice and equality in rights and duties, embodying the southern national project carried out by the Southern Transitional Council deriving its directions from the contents of the Southern Reconciliation, Tolerance and Solidarity project, which organized the future of the South in a new state that puts the southern citizen at the top of its priorities.


O' Sons of our great southern people..

In the midst of our struggle to achieve the goals and will of our proud southern people, we realize the size of the responsibility entrusted to us towards our people, their national cause and their political future, and we will continue on the path of our martyrs until the restoration and building of the state of the South, this is a pledge we made, and we will not back down or falter, and this is what you are pledged in us that days will not change.

Our southern people at home and abroad..

The Decisive Storm and Restoration of Hope, which was launched by the Arab coalition, led by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, marked a pivotal stage in the process of cooperation and joint Arab action. It also demonstrated the oneness of destiny, challenges and common responsibilities among the various Arab countries, a lot of thanks, appreciation and gratitude towards their pioneering roles and historical positions that our people will continue to preserve and hold for them throughout history, which were represented in various forms of military, humanitarian, economic and political support and backing.

We do not forget their good efforts in uniting the ranks of the anti-Houthi forces, by sponsoring the Riyadh Agreement, which still constitutes a pivotal station in the path to countering the Iranian expansion and its local sides, and an important way to reach to a comprehensive political settlement of the crises in the South and Yemen.

 O' Fighters of our valiant armed forces..

Our heroes who are stationed on the frontlines, in the fields of pride, dignity and sacrifice, we hold on your hands, and we kiss your heads one by one, as you are the fence that the greed of the aggressor terrorist Houthi militias are shattered on its walls, and the projects of annexation, takeover, and terrorism in all its forms and sources are scattered on its doorsteps.

Be ready to defend your tolerant faith, your southern national identity, the homeland, land and honor, and liberate what remains of the pure lands of the South from the control of the forces of terrorism and extremism and all forms of occupation.

 My brothers and sons in all parts of the dear South..

You have written heroic epics in the various stages of the struggle, which is a national task that will not end before the end of the occupation, and the restoration and construction of our independent federal state.

As you realize the magnitude of the risks and challenges facing the South, we call upon all the people of the South to unite all national efforts across the beloved land of the South to support and backing the southern armed forces to defend the land, identity, faith, and political future of our dear people.

We also assure you that, from our position, within the framework of the national responsibility that you have placed upon us, we will do everything in our power in cooperation with the government of power-sharing between the south and the north and the local authorities to reduce your suffering and reform the economic and service conditions, and we will not hesitate or spare any effort to serve our people, perceive their concerns and meet their needs.

We affirm the approach of peaceful negotiation as an ideal means to resolve differences, and our position in support of the efforts of the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General of the United Nations and all regional and international efforts to end the war and establish peace, stressing the need to represent the cause of the people of the South that the Southern Transitional Council holds in the negotiations of the comprehensive political process, in a way that guarantees achieving our southern people its legitimate national goals and aspirations.

Mercy on the righteous martyrs of the South

Speedy recovery to the injured

Freedom for the prisoners and detainees

Victory for our great southern people

May peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you


Aidarous Qassem Abdul-Aziz Al-Zubaidi

President of the Southern Transitional Council

Supreme Commander of the Southern Armed Forces

October 14, 2021