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The STC Local Leadership in Socotar Hails UAE Role

Council News
2018-05-08 03:33:25


 The local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Socotra governorate issued an important statement in which it hails the popular move of the inhabitants, affirming its support to the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia with active participation of the United Arab Emirates in the face of the biased Brotherhood media campaigns funded by Qatar.

 The local leadership affirmed that Socotra is a southern archipelago, considering targeting the role of the United Arab Emirates in the archipelago as targeting the South.

 The statement pointed out to the suspicious roles of the Qatari backed terrorist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood to hinder the positive work of the Arab Coalition in Yemen in general and the South in particular and to spread despair and plant seeds of division among people, considering the recent developments in Socotra as an integral part of the ominous Brotherhood plan.

 The local leadership in Socotra renewed its support for the UAE in the face of the gangs that machinate plots against the positive and charitable Emirati presence in Socotra. The local leadership warned of the consequences of those provocative  actions for all Southerners in general and the inhabitants of Socotra in particular.
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