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The STC Local Leadership in Hadramout Issues a Statement on Pulling out Al-Ahmar's Troops

Council News
2018-05-08 01:04:05

 The local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Hadramout governorate issued an important statement regarding the people's demands to pull out the forces of Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar from Wadi Hadramout and the Sahara, it reads as follows:

 Since the start of the operations of Decisive Storm and Restoring Hope, the people in Hadramout and the South wonder about the secret behind the existence of General Ali Mohsen Al-Ahmar's troops in Wadi Hadramout and the Sahara and about their disengagement in honor battles against al-Houthi coup militias in spite of the urgent need for troops with their number and equipment that considered the largest in the so-called legitimate army. According to statements made by their leaders to get the support of the Coalition, more than 200,000 soldiers and officers, including the forces in Mareb.

 The question of the citizens became more pressing after those forces showed an inability to secure the regions of Hadramout (Wadi and Sahara), leaving the people falling prey to terrorism and organized crime.  

 After Hadramout Elite Forces possessed the ability to secure all the geography of Hadramout thanks to the support presented by the Arab Coalition, the insistence of the presence of General Al-Ahmar's troops in these areas in spite of the need for troops in the fight against the pro-Iranian coup militias of al-Houthi, ponts out to the dangerous role they have played and will play in the future, especially that their doctrine of combat derived from the opportunistic Muslim Brotherhood doctrine which waits for opportunities to seize and to target the structure of national states and dismantle them in favor of the World Muslim Brotherhood project.

 The existence of these forces in this vital region poses a danger not only to Hadramout and the South, but a real threat to the entire territory of the Peninsula and the Gulf, especially Saudi Arabia that provided much-needed support to these forces, but this generous Arab support will not deter them from targeting the security of the Kingdom when the opportunity exists.

 We are in the local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council in Hadramout governorate call on President Abdurbo Mansour Hadi and the coalition countries to speed up the decision to pull out these forces from Hadramout (Wadi and Sahara) and move them to the fighting front lines with al-Houthi enemy.

 The insistence on their presence is a source of public outrage in Hadramout and the South in general and disheartens the southern fighters who make heroic epics on several fronts in the geographical depth of al-Houthi coup militias.

 Our gratitude to the Arab Coalition countries, especially the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia for the support given to our people, impose on us not to remain silent about this danger, it's serious and dealing with such danger accept no delay.     

Issued by The STC local leadership in Hadramout
On Monday 7 May 2018
Al Mukalla
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