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An Important Statement Regarding the Terror Attack on the Headquarters of the Transitional Council and the Counter-Terrorism Forces

2018-02-26 02:04:17

  In an attempt to target the security and the public tranquility in the South and to impose a complicated condition on the Yemeni political scene and to defame the achievements of the Arab Coalition and a plan to facilitate the Iranian agenda which aims at spreading the poison of extremism in the South and Yemen, the foreign-backed forces of terrorism carried out on Saturday the 24th of February 2018 two terrorist attacks..

 Two booby-trapped cars targeted the headquarters of the Southern Transitional Council and the counter-terrorism forces in Goldmore-Aden. The terrorist attack caused a number of casualties among the security guards and innocent people including children.

 Targeting the headquarters of the Southern Transitional Council  and the counter-terrorism forces as well as  innocent people is  a way to  target the Southern  political project. The Southern project  which is eager to establish security and stability in the South is contradicted to the project of the hostile  terrorists which are based on their ‘Old / New’  alliance with those who want to destruct the South , its people and plans to destabilize its security.

 However with all what is apparent to us all is that , they are only an apparatus used by certain Yemeni political parties and other international actors.

 Targeting the  Southern headquarters and its leaders is not a new phenomena , actually it is a continuation of their declared battle. These terrorist acts  area new indicator which requires extra attention  effort and coordination in order to confront such acts particularly in Aden and the Southern provinces.

Based on the above, we call on the countries of the region, the Arab Coalition and the world to support the Counter-Terrorism Units, the Elite Forces and the Security Belt by providing expert training, rehabilitation and high standard armament to face those potent battles to establish security and stability in the Southern liberated areas.

 In this statement  we confirm that the Southern Transitional Council will remain steadfast and prepared to challenge with all might on behalf of the Southern people and we will continue side by side with our real allies the Arab Coalition led by the KSA and UAE.

We wish Glory to the martyrs of the noble path of freedom and dignity and a speedy recovery for of the injured.

Issued by the Southern Transitional Council from the capital Aden .

Sunday 25 February, 2018 

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